Some others are a bit flimsy. Easy to install even if you have no knowledge of plumbing , love this RO System , no more limescale kettles. Buy the pumped version as this fills your reservoir in just under an hour as opposed to 3 hours unpumped. The unit has been up and running around 4 weeks now and I have not yet opened my second 25kg bag of salt tablets. For the price it’s really good value and easy to fit although the instructions which come with it are a little vague The small video on how to fit the unit was very helpful. I conatcted water2buy and they with out any fuss immediately posted to my a new connector which I fitted and now the system remains watertight.

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After installing with connector tap working well. Take a look at the attached photo. Plumber did not fit it a month after I day.bssp it delivered,so have not done a review until now, as I wanted to see how it works after a couple months. I had a little inquire and Manager called me back straightaway and help me out that is a fantastic customer service ever I have received. Alimentation de type France reçu après échange de mail avec la société water2buy très efficace. An Amazon search listed the Water2Buy system at a very competitive price.

I think that the price is very reasonable. The shower cubicles, shower screens, bath and sinks are all staying cleaner longer, which means that we don’t have to use as many cleaning products.

fy pool day.bsp

Some others day.bps a bit flimsy. ;ool fonctionne depuis presque deux mois sans problème malgré des coupures électriques. My wife was very pleased wit the quality of the water that was being produced. What a delight – to have clear pure water instead of loads of ghastly limescale.


Tous les paramétrages sont daybsp et modifiables pour les plus initiés. Also do not turn on the water supply fully on, as the system processes water much slower than incoming water.

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If I had to ever install another unit I suspect it would only take 30 mins. The only problem was that the instructions stress to make sure the filter is installed the correct way round with the flow direction arrow. My mistake in ordering the wrong size fittings, but thank you to Water2buy for their no quibble refund. Not surprisingly, it’s also leaving appreciably fewer mineral deposits in my water distiller, resulting in easier cleaning of the distiller.

Hi every one,water in my area not the grate after long hours on line I spotted this company. We live in a hard water area and our water is now noticeably softer which means that the shower units are much easier to keep clean.

Ne surtout pas hésiter. I know once its soldered, its soldered, its not going to give me any issues. Purifies the water as advertised. After fitting one of these filters the water is great! We bought this in the summer after we moved to the current house, we live in Kent one of the hardest water area in the country.

fy pool day.bsp

It’s very good, cheap and reliable product. The unit is neat and compact and outstandingly easy to fit even for somebody with no previous plumbing experiance, simply follow the step by step instructions. Great kit, the tap feels like a really nice quality one.


The installation instructions are a bit vague but it’s pretty much self explanatory how it goes together anyway.

Poop 9 h à 17 h du lundi au vendredi Contactez-nous. So far we are happy with it, but takes a bit of resetting to get it set right for your particular household situation.

Je recommande vivement cet article, avec les bandelettes de mesure de la dureté de l’eau.

Réglage du TH à 10 pour mon cas. Guide pour installation compréhensible.

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It’s now full of grey soap scum, which keeps getting onto our clothes. Searching on Amazon came across Water2Buy system read the reviews made my mind up. That required a few connection differences but it all works a treat. Makes all that ppool work worthwhile, I would whole heartedly urge anyone contemplating to go ahead and buy because for me this was the purchase of the year. I’ve had this for 3 or 4 months and so far it’s brilliant.

Was day.bdp about price,my budget was around Eur,but get for less. There was an initial delay but this was not Water2buys fault. After a few hours or use, I tested the water again with a water hardness tablet, and it showed up as “soft” and in the desired range.